Is Religion A Force For Good? 

Is Religion A Force For Good? 

The twenty first century is a time when everything is questioned. For better or for worse. No stone is unturned. Is it a defining moment in human history? It’s very likely. What happened in the last few years and decades has caused a lot of desperation and suffering. But, it also showed that speaking up matters. No matter what side you are on, where you fall politically or in terms of belief.  

You HAVE the right to question everything. To stand up for what you believe.  

And luckily, this movement has had a massive positive impact on religion.  

Time for change 

In times like these many people start associating religion with greed and violence. Whether it’s bombings, shootings, molestation, rape, bribery. You can find a lot of stories that have come out recently about horrible deeds by the religious community. There is probably a story right now about a priest playing games after preaching on Sunday about compulsive gambling. 


So, to no surprise, the opposition is asking whether religion is needed at all? 

Here’s how we see it. There are a lot of bad people. Within every religious community. Often, they cause grief, sorrow and shame from the members of the same community.  

So, how amazing that during these times those people are being exposed Does it undo the damage done? Sadly, no. Everyone who was wronged only has to trust that time will heal.  

However, marching, protesting, exposing also empowers everyone else in similar situation that they found themselves in the past or will in the future. They know that the times have changed. You don’t need to be a silent anymore.  

But overall, is there any benefit to religion at all?  

The benefits of belief 

The benefits of belief 

To every bad person who used religion to justify their bad intentions, we have a thousand who have done the opposite. Christian values mean compassion, understanding, forgiveness. Religion gives strength to the community. To build. To help. To save.  

It should never be political. It is despicable when politicians proclaim their strong belief in God and then continue to act in an opposite way.  

Religion should be communal and individual. And it that regard, we believe, religion has done a lot of good across the world by bringing together and helping to cope in bad times.  

All we can hope for is that these are in fact times of change for religions and the ‘bad apples’ in the respected communities. With everyone’s help, it can be. Speak up.   


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