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This is perhaps the most important online betting tip we can offer; shop for the best possible odds from the sportsbook sites. If you think this will most probably be the case for you, you should check out the online casino’s selection of Blackjack online games prior to signing up. Don’t worry if you don’t own an Apple or an Android device though, as you’ll still also be able to play at a casino online for real money. Knowing the right lottery pattern will help in calculating high probability winning lottery numbers for the next draw. An important point to remember about online casinos is that most do not design their own proprietary software, but instead pay for software support from one or more developers.
A Mistake many novice players make is to play fewer coins, thinking this will keep them in the game longer. All sites have been optimised for smartphone and tablet gameplay, with the gaming graphics, the animated and live visuals and the audio of the highest of quality. The mobile phone video shows a piece of plastic about twice the size of a guitar plectrum and about as thick shoved into the “play” button on a poker machine, which then spins automatically. If the cards displayed on the display screen are different to that displayed on the player terminal, payouts will be made based on the outcome displayed on the player terminal.
If your friends gamble online, consider asking them what casinos and websites that they would recommend. (The number is not absolute, sometimes four packs, sometimes two only, being used; but three is the more usual number.) citation needed The banker (unless he retires either of his own free will or by reason of the exhaustion of his finances) holds office until all these cards have been dealt. Its complete game library, accessible through its downloadable suite, consists of over 700 titles its players can choose from, with new titles added every month.
Each online casino has hundreds of casino slots to offer, but not always they give the players a chance to practice in those games with free (fake) money. As of now, 50 Lions slot game is available for real money play at land-based casinos and online casinos. Both these bets pay 30 to 1. Plight of Norwich man who lost thousands gambling prompts fixed odds machine stake slash call | Politics | Norwich Evening News wins if a 2 is rolled, and Boxcars wins if a 12 is rolled. These destinations fall within the legal parameters for Filipino players as they are all offshore online casinos that are located and regulated outside of the nation’s borders.
Before you know it, you may spend several hundred dollars that you would have preferred to use playing games. Many state lotteries or casinos have some type of bonus in all keno games. People think because two games use the same deck of 52-cards that they are similar games, but nothing could be more different than Barbu and Speed, or Pai Gow and Pinochle. Just because stranger things walkthrough is possible to win things in pachinko doesn’t mean that it isn’t played as a game for the fun of playing. Greater awareness amongst Australian consumers of the risks of gambling offshore.
Start to play for free now and spend valuable time at the online game play. The players attended a dinner with celebrities from the world of sports, before being taken for an evening as honoured guests at the exclusive Les Ambassadeurs club in Mayfair. In the middle of the game the player can say hit- meaning give him another card. Hit: Player draws another card (and more if he wishes). Look forward to Wild Kong who has the power to manhandle other symbols out of the way if he needs to replace a symbol to make a winning combo, whilst lining him up on all 5 reels will win you 3,000 coins.
We especially like the fact that the drawings give out prizes to many winners, not just one or a few players like at some of the other casinos. Delta Corp Limited (“Delta Corp”) is the only listed company engaged in the casino (live, electronic and online) gaming industry in India. Jason and the Golden Fleece is a video slot game fashioned around the Greek Mythology of Jason in search of the Golden Fleece. The online sportsbooks simply don’t believe you will follow all these steps to win money. Most players keep themselves informed about the events and features at the different playing sites.
This online casino has many different slots to choose from. Once the cards are distributed, each player should make a two hands out of the seven cards they are dealt with. Apart from Reno and Las Vegas, some truly wonderful casino hotels can also be found in Atlantic City. At designated tables, players may double down after splitting pairs, except on a soft total of 21. Add to this the fact that other players at the table may be playing very sub-optimal strategies, so playing as the banker can be a lucrative opportunity.
Casinos usually shuffle their offers so you could get 10 or 20 free games today to try one slot, and then receive some additional ones for a completely different title in a couple of weeks time. Yes, the payouts are lower but at least you won’t have to put in as much funding as you would with other games in which your chances of winning are low. The following table shows the results by shooter. (Live betting is also known as in-running betting, in-play betting, in-game betting and running ball). The value of a hand is the sum of the point values of the individual cards.

Best Online Gambling Sites

Every teenager and even most adults know who Spiderman is. He is a super-hero who combats evil and save human lives. You can now play Live Roulette at 32Red Live Casino, with our live dealers ready to chat and give you the full live live experience, across 4 live roulette variations: Standard, French Gold, Auto Roulette and Immersive Roulette. Discover new dimensions of playing tournaments and get more out of your tournament play.
When the ball drops into its final slot, let’s hope that it doesn’t land in the 0 or 00. The house has two chances to take the win and American roulette puts the house edge at 5.26%. Lovers of a fruit theme can also enjoy playing fruit machines with unique features.
If a player comes across a game he doesn’t understand, he can look it up on this web site and learn all of the details. A special marker is used to indicate spots reserved for players who have temporarily left the table. Of course, my opponent could’ve held pocket rockets (AA), but I’ll play those KK cowboys strong each and every time I get them, since there’s only one hand that can beat them heads-up.
The casinos and their Poker Rooms either charge a fixed fee or they take rake per hand to meet their expenses so that the players have the best gaming atmosphere with all their needs being met. Do What hands should I surrender want to know the perfect tricks or methods to win the poker games, yes?
Slots seem to have the largest number of types, designs and variations but at the same time all of them have the same mechanism. How tech is helping a casino catch the cheats shuffling machines – but players and dealers hate those, claim that they destroy the atmosphere, etc. 9 In practice, players employing betting systems may win, and may indeed win very large sums of money, but the losses (which, depending on the design of the betting system, may occur quite rarely) will outweigh the wins.

The Star Casino

Handcrafted, crunchy crust, smothered in cheese. 3) The Amazing Spiderman – this is another one of those video slot machines that makes the most of its film tie in. It has three features and It can also provide some seriously big wins thanks to the Marvel Hero Jackpot. The list of RTG video slots includes more than 100 exciting games.
The French wheel has 36 numbers plus a single 0; the American wheel has 36 numbers plus 0 and 00. how to deposit with boku to casino at both wheels are paid at odds that would be true if only the 36 numbers existed. The cheats give the player an incentive to play the latest games. These bonuses exist to encourage players to use a selected payment technique to facilitate a deposit.
It draws more players than baccarat, mostly because the baccarat pits have traditionally been closed to low-budget players. A massive portion of all gambling on the internet features online casino games. There are a number of bets you can make or combine in roulette, each offering its own payout from even money all the way up to 35:1.
They don’t know you or your needs and putting your life in their hands is like playing russian roulette with 5 bullets. Ben is undoubtedly one of the best players in the world, but in my opinion he excels even further in terms of coaching and is likely the best tournament poker coach in the world.
There are no more waitresses bothering, loud music, boisterous players, or casino noise to bother you. Poker88 Merupakan promotor game poker88 online seperti Poker Facebook, Poker88 Minimal Deposit Rp 25.000, Daftar Poker88 Asia online Sekarang. Maybe Six Plus Hold’em is more your thing , a poker game where we’ve reduced the deck size down from 52 to 36, with 2 through 5 taken out of the deck – so higher hands and loads more action.
Four guilty of shooting businessman at Edinburgh casino with the Triple Diamonds symbol, various color bar symbols, and 7’s. See Player Services at any Marquee Rewards casino for additional specific property promotional information and guidelines. To win at roulette you must approach the game with the right attitude.

Try Free Casino Games!

Did you know that you can play completely free casino games online? Many who are curious about casino games are a little worried about throwing in to the game and playing for real money before learning how things are going on in the casino world.

It is of course also that it may be hard to know if casino games are something you want to keep up with in the long run or not before you have the chance to try. Some people get caught up once others get tired after a while. But as with anything else, one can never know without trying.

How do you play free casino games?

There are a multitude of different games and game developers on the casino market. By visiting different developers’ websites, you can get a demo of the games they have in their range and also learn how they differ in presentation and in their rules.

Even on the many online casinos’ websites there is the chance to try their different games by playing "play money".

Can you win money?

When playing the slots demo version of a game maker’s website or on an online casino, it’s just for entertainment and learning how the games work.

But it does not have to be completely wasted time. Aside from Mayfair casino once popular with Princess Margaret set to be sold that the money is not right, the game works as usual. This means that you learn how the game works, but also to get a grip on how often you can expect to win.

You can both win big and have long periods without profit. It’s important to understand this before you start playing for real money.

But there are sometimes when you can play free casino games and still win real money. Many online casinos offer smaller bonuses in the form of free spins and less sums of money to play for.

To benefit from these, you must register an account, but you do not have to add any own money. are primarily to be a chance to learn the game, but if you are lucky you can win money and start a bankroll completely without having to deposit your own money.

Is it just for beginners?

But those who are already used to playing at the online casino do not waste time on these types of free casino games, or? As far as Gambling websites must stop appealing to children, regulators warn | The Independent are concerned, everything is the most common.

But if you are considering moving your gambling to a new online casino, it may be worthwhile to see if they have any games that you have not previously experienced. You can then try these games for free to see if they attract one to another.

A new exciting range can be just what you need to find happiness in the game again if you have started to get tired.

When it comes to the form of free online games that you often get when registering an account, it would be stupid not to exploit them.

Even if you like to play for a little bigger amount than the free spins and free money you can afford, it’s a waste of not taking advantage of these free and completely risk-free winning chances.

The Energy Casino – Full Energy for Maximum Fun

Experience a completely new kind of online casino now. The Energy Casino does not offer visitors the widest range of arcade, slot machine and casino games, but also another completely new area. Only here you can bet on exciting races and follow them virtually live. Pure fun and excitement – only here in the Energy-Casino!

Those who are looking for the right casino that offers the most fun in a suitable environment have a hard time these days. There are just too many different ones in different variations. Gambling is an industry that has achieved tremendous growth in all areas in recent decades. Both the area of ​​loyal gaming offerings and the online gambling sector have recorded good growth in recent years.

Last of course, the Energy-Casino belongs. A casino that is relatively new in the market and with its new and fresh appearance and its extensive range of slot machine, – automatic, and casino games represent a real challenge for the long-term existing companies.

Gambling Strictly Slots and casinos are not competitors

To be fair, one must admit that this challenge actually only exists for other online casinos since casinos on the Internet are generally less of a competition for gaming houses and location casinos by nature, and of course vice versa. In fact, one can even say that the games outlets are almost completely out of line, although of course they are now represented in almost every major city with more than 1000 inhabitants.

Still, gold fish casino free coins do not offer the atmosphere of a regular casino, or the vast array of arcade, slot machine, and casino games that all online casinos can offer to their visitors and users. Kyle Lafferty opens up on gambling addiction and rebuilding his life – BBC Sport have only a very limited selection of arcade and slot machine machines for their use then a corresponding amount of small change or game chips must be thrown. From experience, one can say that those who regularly visit a game center have less interest in the offers of online casinos or regular casinos.

Where these location casinos usually have their own style anyway and try not only to offer a relatively large portfolio of machines and casino games but especially for guests and visitors to create a special, upscale atmosphere so casinos guests the visit as a unique as possible unique experience can learn.

These include, for example, the fact that visitors often must stock up with more than 50, – € on chips to gain access to the casino. In addition, all casinos generally rely on compulsory liability or attach importance to upscale clothing and a corresponding appearance.

The pros and cons of online casinos

Of course, all these requirements do not apply to an online casino – if you do not care about the upscale style – you can make yourself comfortable on the couch in normal clothes and play some games in a casino of your choice. If you have a laptop and the ability to build a stable Internet connection, the location has no limits.

Of course, online casinos cannot convey the feeling of having a special evening and just something special. This is just the way that only regular casinos can convey to their visitors. However, if you would like to try some casino games for an hour or two, the best bet is online casinos. Even simpler and more practical for a game in between is the latest variant of online casinos. These are even available for tablets and smartphones as Android or IOS versions. Of course, in the smartphone variants of online casinos, the selection of games is still significantly limited.

Certain offers that regular online casinos make available to their visitors can not yet afford corresponding smartphone apps because of the less pronounced technical possibilities. Thus, e.g. Live games for roulette or poker as they are offered in some online casinos on smartphones currently simply not possible. Maybe that’s one of the reasons why online casinos for notebooks or the home PC continue to enjoy so much popularity. Online casinos are still very popular and can hardly complain about falling visitor numbers.

Increasing competition between online casinos

The market for online casinos is more competitive than ever. It is one of the biggest advantages and at the same time a very big disadvantage you want to assert yourself as an online casino. The problem is the internet. Although, as an online casino, you literally have a worldwide market but also worldwide competition.

If you also want to reach interested parties and Internet users in different countries, you not only have to orient the advertising according to your country, but also, in the best case, orient the casino website in such a way that it can survive on the international market. As a result, running an online casino website can be extremely costly.

Online casinos that do not withstand this pressure quickly lose importance and often disappear into the back-ranking pages on Google. There, however, the new and upcoming casinos, such as the Energy-Casino, often start to outperform older casinos and thus become one of the largest online casinos.

Energy Casino – a casino of the extra class

This casino is not for nothing one of the largest online casinos in the German-speaking Internet. As one of Novoline’s largest slot machine vendors, this online casino offers a choice that only very few web site operators can offer for arcade, slot machine and casino games. Above all, the Energy-Casino is one of the leading casinos because it always tries to invent new ones.

This applies not only to the design of the website but above all to the offer that is presented to visitors and users here. The Energy-Casino is far from a casino of the conventional kind. Here you can play not only the well-known arcade, slot machine, and casino games in conventional games but also individual games virtual and live.

The possibility to experience a game or a betting process virtually and thus virtually offers a completely new area. As probably the only online casino, it also offers the area of ​​virtual sports. Visitors to the website can look forward to various races such as greyhound trotting, horseback or cycling races, and virtually follow the course of the race virtually live.

Casino without Deposit Requirements – a Favorable Casino Experience

Casino without deposit requirements gives you the opportunity to take advantage of different bonuses for free. Curious? Read on to find out more!

A casino without deposit requirements is an online company that rewards its players with different bonus forms without requiring any deposit. When you first read that description, it feels a bit unreal and too good to be true. But the fact is that casino without deposit requirements is becoming more common in the hot online gaming market.

Actually, there is no reason not to take advantage of such offers as they give you the chance to try a casino without spending any own money. Overall, bonuses from casino without deposit requirements are characterized as a beneficial online experience just because of. that you as a player do not need to allocate any funds to share them.

How does a casino without a deposit claim work?

"Congratulations are good" you usually say and rightly so. At a casino without deposit requirements, you get a taste of the casino without risking anything.

But what does the principle mean and how does a casino work without deposit requirements? If you have chosen to bet at a casino that offers different forms of bonuses without requesting any effort from your side to enable them, it means in all simplicity that you have reached a casino without deposit requirements.

The principle is simple – the online casino gives you the chance to take advantage of free spins or money bonus as soon as you open a game account and before making a first payment. In other words, you only need to register in the casino to use the available campaign.

The bonuses are in most cases one-off offer and are only given to newly registered members. Slots is also careful to point out if there are any codes you must enter to activate the reward.

The number of free spins that you usually get varies greatly between players, but most of the time you’ll see numbers between 10 to 40 free game rounds. Here the player may also be prepared to use his free spins at a selected slot machine as the casino itself stated.

The bonus money is equal to the free rounds you receive immediately after the account has been opened at the casino.

Why should you choose a casino without deposit requirements?

As you probably read in the previous paragraph, the logic behind a casino without deposit requirements is very easy to understand. Casinona allows you to enjoy different rewards without making any monetary demands on you.

Why should homepage choose a casino without deposit requirements? The answer is simple. For you to share different offers in a risk-free way. For example, if the casino offers free spins, it’s free to use them and play for free.

The same principle also applies to any cash bonus you can bet on any of the casino games. Even if you happen to lose, this loss will not influence your own cash register, which is a yellow worth. In other words, it’s a free casino experience for gaming casinos.

Is Religion A Force For Good? 

Is Religion A Force For Good? 

The twenty first century is a time when everything is questioned. For better or for worse. No stone is unturned. Is it a defining moment in human history? It’s very likely. What happened in the last few years and decades has caused a lot of desperation and suffering. But, it also showed that speaking up matters. No matter what side you are on, where you fall politically or in terms of belief.  

You HAVE the right to question everything. To stand up for what you believe.  

And luckily, this movement has had a massive positive impact on religion.  

Time for change 

In times like these many people start associating religion with greed and violence. Whether it’s bombings, shootings, molestation, rape, bribery. You can find a lot of stories that have come out recently about horrible deeds by the religious community. There is probably a story right now about a priest playing games after preaching on Sunday about compulsive gambling. 


So, to no surprise, the opposition is asking whether religion is needed at all? 

Here’s how we see it. There are a lot of bad people. Within every religious community. Often, they cause grief, sorrow and shame from the members of the same community.  

So, how amazing that during these times those people are being exposed Does it undo the damage done? Sadly, no. Everyone who was wronged only has to trust that time will heal.  

However, marching, protesting, exposing also empowers everyone else in similar situation that they found themselves in the past or will in the future. They know that the times have changed. You don’t need to be a silent anymore.  

But overall, is there any benefit to religion at all?  

The benefits of belief 

The benefits of belief 

To every bad person who used religion to justify their bad intentions, we have a thousand who have done the opposite. Christian values mean compassion, understanding, forgiveness. Religion gives strength to the community. To build. To help. To save.  

It should never be political. It is despicable when politicians proclaim their strong belief in God and then continue to act in an opposite way.  

Religion should be communal and individual. And it that regard, we believe, religion has done a lot of good across the world by bringing together and helping to cope in bad times.  

All we can hope for is that these are in fact times of change for religions and the ‘bad apples’ in the respected communities. With everyone’s help, it can be. Speak up.   


Compulsive gambling

What is Compulsive Gambling and Why it is Bad for You

If you feel the need to spend whatever dough you make or find yourself saying “Wanna bet?” each time you and your friend are faced with a question with multiple possibilities, you might have a problematic addiction to gambling.

How exactly can an individual define gambling addiction? For starters, if you visit casino sites every once in a few days and spending money well within your reach on interesting games is perfectly acceptable, meaning that this occasional spending cannot be classified as addiction.

Addiction surfaces when this very gap of days reduces to hours and minutes, and you find yourself on the site each time you have time to spare.

Reasons for Addiction

Gambling addiction is not a science that can have definite theoretical answers, but there are some common reasons to it which include

  • The need for thrill in life, which is brought upon by the environment of risk and uncertainty while gambling;
  • Desire to make a truckload of money without putting in genuine effort;
  • Willingness to obtain the social status that comes along with being a competitive and renowned gambler.

Most other reasons like recovering lost money or facing societal pressure stem from these three main reasons.

Can it be defined?

Considering how there is no formal definition of the ‘phenomena’ (and there likely will not be any), it is important to look at the symptoms of gambling addiction as the main defining features.

As Indio Casino Mobile reports, it may be possible that one is genuinely fond of gambling without necessarily being addicted to it, but if there was an addiction test bank then the following would be the top inquiries.

  1. Willingness to gamble even if you do not have the cash to afford it, which means that you are letting your addiction get the better of your rationality.
  2. Placing valuables as bets, such as jewelry and property, simply for the sake of the thrill and the drive to win a lot all at once.
  3. Your family complaining about your gambling problem and how they have been noticing a significant increase in it.
  4. Telling yourself that you will not gamble and yet finding it impossible to control your desires once you get the time or opportunity to do so.

Does it change the individual involved?

If you know that you gamble and have been noticing an increase in the rate of the games you play, then you might be facing this emotional blockade which compels you to be secretive about your gambling habit.

It can be compared to a criminal who faces an awkward situation every time someone mentions the case of a crime he/she has already committed.

The emotional stigma you attach to yourself can lead to anxious and suicidal thoughts, and can also make it troublesome for you to sleep at night. If you are facing these dangerous thoughts and still feel that gambling even more is the only solution to it, you certainly have a case of addiction, which will only grow overtime if you do not impose a control on yourself.





Is Religious Freedom under the Threat in Russia?

Changes in Law

The changes made to the Civil Code disastrously affected the activities of religious organizations in Russia.

New provisions for state bodies that decide on the registration of religious organizations and are directly exercising on behalf of the state control over compliance with their statutes (the Ministry of Justice and its territorial government) have opened the possibility of interfering in internal institutions, destroying them and dictating them, imposing a duty to carry out fundamental changes internal regulations, established decades ago already more than a hundred years ago.

This did not happen even in the Soviet years, of course, we did not take into account the episodes of open atheistic persecution and repression.

The Constitution of the Russian Federation in Article 28 guarantees freedom of conscience, freedom of religion, freedom of activity of religious organizations in accordance with their convictions.


The Law on Freedom of Conscience in Article 15 refers to the internal regulations of religious organizations, where it declares that “Religious organizations act in accordance with their internal regulations, if they do not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation, and have the legal capacity provided for in their statutes. respects the internal establishment of religious organizations, unless these provisions are inconsistent with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

” Everything was fine until September 2014 when changes were made to the legislation and now internal regulations have become inconsistent with the law.

After amending the Civil Code, religious organizations that came into force on 01.09.2014 were assigned to unitary organizations. According to the definition of Article 65.1.1 in unitary organizations, “founders do not become their participants and do not acquire membership rights in them”.

Based on this norm in all regions of Russia, the prosecutor’s office as a supervisory authority began to write out prescriptions to religious organizations in which there is a membership, on the recognition of their statutes that are contrary to the law.

It was enough of state intervention in other pastimes of the people, for example, Russians couldn’t click this link as gambling laws are also strictly regulated. And now, the state intervention in the internal organization of religious organizations is legalized. What’s next?

Religious organizations


For many religious organizations, the institution of “membership” is a theological definition and is deeper in its meaning than the legal status of “membership.” The Apostle Paul in the Epistles to the Corinthians gives a profound theological meaning to this concept.

“For as the body is one, but has many members, and all the members of one body, although there are many, make up one body, so is Christ” and yet “And you are the body of Christ, and separately the members.” (1 Cor 12: 12, 27).

For the Church, with respect to every believing person who accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior, professing the corresponding doctrine and having concluded an empirical union with God through the adoption of water baptism, there is no other view as a “member of the Church.” In order for a person to become a member of the Church, only the above-mentioned factors are necessary.

Becoming a member of the Church gives everyone in the church the right to participate in the life of the Church, in the ministry of the Church, in all meetings of the church.

And this is right on the one hand, but this is also the duty on the other hand. Paul presents this idea to us in the following way: “so that there is no division in the body, and all members take equal care of each other.”

Therefore, does one member suffer, all members suffer with it, is one-member famous, all members rejoice with it “. (1 Corinthians 12: 25-26).

The Apostle Paul reveals the depth of the unity of the relationship between the members of the Church in the epistle to the Ephesians saying that “… with true love all grew in Him who is the head of Christ, from whom the whole body is made up and copulated by any mutually binding bonds, acting in its the measure of each member, receives an increment to build itself in love.

“(Ephesians 4: 15-16) The apostle shows some sacred unity that is simply not possible to explain and hundreds of theological works are written on this subject, but none can be claimed the finality and fullness of the explanation of the unity between the members of the Church and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Thus, we see that the concept of “members” in the Church is much older than the state legislation and has a much deeper content and meaning than legal definitions.

The Church cannot be in favor of changing the laws that change very often to abandon the institution of “membership” established yet by the apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Civil Code was adopted in the first part in 1994, from that moment already 3 more parts were taken and 99 changes were made. But the Word of God already stands for thousands of years without changes.

Gambling - devilish activity?

Prevention and Contrast of Pathological Gambling

Today’s press conference in the Hall of the Municipal Palace of Alexandria was intended to present the event scheduled for May 5, and addressed to the students of Alexandria, as part of a project promoted by the Municipal Administration, ASL AL and Libera on the subject of prevention And the contrast of gambling.

At the press conference, the Municipal Councilor for Social Co-ordination in Alexandria, the President of the Third Municipal Committee on Social and Health Policies, representatives of Institutional Subjects directly involved in the project (Free and ASL AL) and also a representative of the “Anonymous Players” group. 

A new training meeting 

The May 5th event at 10.00am is specifically dedicated to students of Secondary School of Second Degree and Vocational Training Schools in Algeria and – thanks to the contribution of AMAG Reti Gas – will declare as a new training meeting scheduled at the Liceo Classico ” G. Plana “in Alessandria (Piazza Matteotti) and conducted by the TAXI 1729 trainers (for years they are hosts of the Schools of the City): a meeting for which is attended by about 250 students. The title of the event is “Do Our Game” and consists of a lab on gambling math. 

The press conference was also an opportunity to focus on preventive awareness-raising initiatives and information on this serious social problem that poses a risk that, in particularly vulnerable people, can lead to a real behavioral addiction ( Pathological Gambling – GAP).

This condition – it is stressed by speakers present at the press conference – is recognized as a complex compulsive disorder, ie as a pathological form that can cause serious discomfort to the person. 

From a social point of view, people with GAPs pose a high risk of personal financial impairment that has obvious repercussions on the family and workplace, until they get serious debts and demand for usury loans. This is one of the aspects that links pathological gambling to organized crime that invests energy and capital in this area. 

The effect of gambling 

At a time when the game is having negative and documented effects on many people’s health, it is necessary to take into account the need to introduce more stringent forms of regulatory and protection, especially in light of the strong evolution that these activities are having on the internet , Where it becomes extremely difficult to exercise controls and introduce forms of prevention. 

Regarding the situation in the province of Alexandria, the volume of money played amounts to about 1,400 euros per capita per year; At 431,200 people, at least 3,450 are dependent players and 14,000 are at risk of addiction. Families with a challenging player member account for about 27,000 people, but if we consider even gamblers at risk, then more than 100,000 citizens are involved, almost a quarter of the population.

However, in Serd ASL AL, in 2016, about 80 users are involved, of which 48 in Alexandria, too few if we consider the estimates of the phenomenon.

Very often, GAP is associated with the use of drugs, alcohol abuse, and psychiatric disorders, and particularly affects young people, although adults and older people are not free of it.

For this reason, in the Province, initiatives have been taken in recent years to reduce discomfort, increase awareness of risk and misleading advertising in young people. 

In 2016, Nomisma – in collaboration with the University of Bologna – carried out an investigation involving a large sample of Italian second-grade secondary schools and attended by about 11,000 children aged 14 to 19.

Research results show that interest in gambling is often linked to the skills needed to assess the probability of a possible payout. The propensity to play changes – for example – in relation to mathematical performance: the proportion of players reaches 51% among those who have poor performance, while 46% of those who have more than 8 tenths of vote.

The possession of specific probabilistic skills is also a predictive factor: the proportion of players rises to 55% among those who can not solve simple probabilistic questions. 

Various initiatives against gambling 

From experimentation with high school students, it emerges that young people are especially strong in online gambling, here you see their favorite online casino games. It should not be forgotten that even in the bars it is possible for minors to access slots, games and sports betting for lack of effective control over their access. 

For about three years, various initiatives have been launched on the territory of Alexandria, including the project “I do not play: a winning bet”, funded by the Fondazione Social and with contributions from the municipalities of Acqui Terme and Alessandria, which have determined important collaborations Between the municipalities, the SerD ASL AL, the social services and other subjects of association, the schools and the professions, on the subject of the prevention and contrast of pathological gambling and gambling maths.

Among the latest initiatives on the territory we remember: 

The constitution in March of a working table attended by the Municipal Administration of Alexandria, the Department of Pathology of the Dependencies of ASL AL, Caritas Diocesana of Alexandria, the partners of the Project “I do not play: A winning bet “(Parcival Association, Free, Vision Association, Acqui Terme listening desk, Cissaca), Ovada Social Services Consortium, the Social Foundation, the Il Gabbiano Cooperative, the Anonymous Players Group of Alexandria , The Order of Doctors of the Province of Alexandria, the Community of St. Benedict to the Port. 

The first steps of this working table were addressed to a coordinated communication on the subject, to a training activity for Caritas and Cissaca volunteers and operators to better interact with users who practice gambling in a frequent and compulsive manner; 

The creation of a collaborative relationship with the Anonymous Players Group who stated their willingness to meet with students to share their experience, also available to provide support activities to former players; 

From the spring 2016 they were held in various 6-slotmob provincial centers to reward the exercises they chose not to install slot machines in their local area.

Finally, the approval of a regional law has begun to bear fruit, by controlling and pursuing those holding holders who do not comply with municipal regulations.